Crypto & Ethereum belief

We believe in blockchain tech as a force for change that will produce meaningful value for society through innovation. We believe in Ethereum as a movement and technology, and we are aligned with its values. We actively participate in the community, and we aim to contribute to the long-term growth of the ecosystem.

Social Impact

We care about creating value for the world and Ethereum’s community in a meaningful way.

Developer Experience

We consider a smooth building experience essential for great results, and we take pride and pleasure in making software easier to build.

High Standards

We aim to take the hard path without compromising quality or losing our sense of pragmatism.

Level Up

We always try to improve at all levels: individually, in our projects, and as a team. Beginner's mindset.

Instigate Change

When we see room for improvement, we point it out and seek iteration, even if it's outside our direct responsibilities or areas of expertise.

Time is Precious

We are respectful of people's time, including that of our users, the Ethereum community, external contributors, and our own team members and organization. Aiming for fast and efficient is our default.


To create space for deep focus, schedule flexibility, and effective async remote collaboration, we strive for autonomy in how we approach work and collaboration.


We value and only hire people who behave with respect, compassion, empathy, and kindness.